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Slapster is a technologically advanced app that can help you create and design your campaign in a new style and share it with a huge crowd.

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App Features

Slapster is an innovative app that provides a platform to its users to get started with a revulotionary campaign. Here are some of the premium features provided by the app

Creative campaigns

Create attractive and captivating campaigns on the app to mark a cause, make a change or express your thoughts.

Customized designs

Design the campaigns in an innovative way by adding the avatar images of the renowned persons from the huge in-build library.

Outspread your thoughts

Share what's in your mind and give your thoughts a swift way to reach different corners with these customized campaigns.

Get numerous impressions

Attract more and more app users with your campaigns and stimulate them to connect with your campaign smoothly.

Fathom public reaction

Let people know your intensions and comment on it either using a slap sign or a heart.

Know Your Supporters Count

WIth the help of the figure indcating the number of slaps and hearts, you can know the count of people who have the same mindset as yours and are willing to support your campaign.

Design Your campaigns

Create your own campaigns to showcase your thoughts and perceptions. Use the avatars of famous personalities to make the campaigns even more creative, appealing, and engaging.

Choose Your Avatar

Choose the avatar that you want to use for the campaign from the in-built library.
The app has a huge stock of avatars to fit your campaign and give it an effective look.

Know Others Reactions

Slapster gives its users an option to either slap the campaign or send a heart to it. Same as expressing your like or dislike towards the campaign.
You can even know the total count of slaps and hearts on your campaign.


What Our Users Says

This is a perfect app to design the campaign in a different way. The list of all the avatars available helped me give my campaign an appealing look.

Ena Shah

Teacher at Abc School

Kudos to the developer team of the Slapster app. Great job!

Mrs. Gosh


I recently came across the app and find it one of the best platforms to share my thoughs and that too in a distinctive way.

Mr. James